About us


We are a tech co-op

We are owned and run by our members through a fair and efficient decision-making process.

We are a profit for a purpose business

We channel a portion of our profits towards self-initiated projects with a positive social impact.

We are 100% remote

We work remotely from the UK, Portugal, and Spain, with clients from everywhere in the world. Our workshops and updates are done remotely using tools such as Miro or Loom.

Our team


Michael Rudolph

With a background in politics, Michael founded the co-living company Immediate Lettings in 2012. Michael is particularly interested in product and service innovation that make people's lives easier and better, while incorporating social responsibility into holistic branding.


Pedro Falcão

With a background in user experience design and social research, Pedro has co-founded Studio Oto to help purpose-driven organisations address pressing social and environmental challenges.


Rita Moreira

With experience in London, Berlin, and Lisbon, Rita has built products for a variety of industries; from FinTech through digital advertising, to online retail. Rita is currently a mentor at Designlab, an online design education platform with a focus on quality and outcomes.

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